As an upgraded hardware solution, CORA is designed and built with a number of high tech features that maximize efficiency while keeping your machines up and running at peak performance.

   The Antenna  

Engineered by Crane, CORA's state-of-the-art, high-performance 4G LTE antenna exceeds carrier's performance specifications and performs 30% better than competitors without any additional hardware.

  It's Fast

CORA's enhanced processor and increased memory allows for quicker boot-up time, 50% faster activation, and faster transaction processing with it's magnetic mounting, simplified cabling and cable-locking connectors improve installation over competitors.

  Powered By Bluetooth®

With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), driver and technician interactions with the machine are streamlined through simplifi mobile, while BLE enables PayRange acceptance on every device with no additional hardware costs

Secured By Crane

When your data and your customers data is Secured by Crane, you have peace of mind knowing CORA's embedded secure features is protecting sensitive informaiton and data at all times